1795899_865381086810570_2628558394678028251_oWith the establishment of the Harry R. Dangler Railroad and Logging Research Library Fund in memory of Mr. Dangler, several members of YPRHS have been putting together the actual library space in the south end of the RPO/baggage car, Southern Pacific RR #5132. The car was without heat so a used electric heater from a mobile home was donated by Rich Cullison. With the help of folks at Groth- Gates Heating, the plenum was designed, and registers made to fit on the 8” galvanized ducts running the full 40’ length of the baggage end and about 5 feet into the Railway Post Office.
Wooden bookshelves were designed and built by Lloyd Palmer in his shop in Waldport, then transported and installed in the car. Once on site, Leonard sanded and finished with varnish. At about the same time Dave Dangler, brought his dad’s collection of railroad books and videos down from Camas, Washington for a transfer to the Conductor’s rig in Corvallis. The books fill eight banana boxes and are now awaiting the inventory process.
Allan Preece has begun the numbering of items. At a future point all titles will be available for loan to members and the visiting public. Donations of dollars for library development and books and/or videos are still being accepted. To date, this memorial fund has grown sufficiently to support the purchase of a computer and monitor.